When it comes to this blog, there are two things I cannot resist: (1) Los Angeles events and attractions that lend themselves to photo ops and (2) photo ops with celebrities. The invitation to visit San Pedro’s annual LobsterFest at Ports O’Call Village (for a demonstration of Mohawk’s new stain resistant carpet with Hallmark Channel’s Better Show star JD Roberto) satisfied both of those irresistible urges.


#shop Welcome to LobsterFest!

Welcome to LobsterFest! #shop #LicensetoSpill #cbias

San Pedro’s Ports O’Call Village sits on a bank of the nation’s busiest cargo port. The collection of restaurants and shops has been a tourist destination for about 50 years (which sounds about right, because I remember visiting when I was a kid). Ports O’Call has been the home to LobsterFest (the world’s largest! according to their website) since 1999. The festival has something for everybody: carnival rides and games, ongoing musical performances, a wide variety of booths featuring everything from crafts to cars to (yes!) carpet… and a full lobster meal for just $20. This is the reason why my husband decided to tag along after me on Saturday. He was flabbergasted at the claim that they were cooking up 2,000 crustaceans every hour!

#shop The Main Attraction at LobsterFest

#shop This was the Main Attraction at LobsterFest


I happen to be allergic to lobster, so I let my husband enjoy his meal while I hunted up the Mohawk Carpet License to Spill booth. That’s where I met up with JD Roberto, who was very gracious about my desire to get that photo op.

#shop JD Roberto and Me

#shop JD Roberto and me at Mohawk Carpet’s License to Spill display.

I then introduced myself to Mohawk Carpet representative Mollie Suratt, who showed me exactly how stain resistant their new SmartStrand carpet actually is. She bombarded a carpet sample with all kinds of staining agents — including red wine. And then she removed it all easily… simply by spraying it with water (for a tough, dried-in stain, all you need to add is a little dish soap).

The difference is that the stain resistance is woven right into the fiber (not topically applied, which is what you’re getting with other stain resistant flooring products) — and it lasts for the life of the carpet. I have to say — I wish I had seen this demonstration four years ago when I was shopping for carpet in my living room. (I know the retailer I used carries Mohawk – it’s the world’s largest flooring manufacturer, and this carpet has been rating #1 in consumer satisfaction.)

If SmartStrand had been available then, I could have saved a bundle in twice-yearly cleaning costs AND the carpet would be in better condition now.

#shop Samples of Mohawk's SmartStrand Carpet

#shop Samples of Mohawk’s SmartStrand Carpet

You would think that there would be fewer spills in my house now that the kid is in high school. But the drink spiller in our family is my husband. If we had Mohawk SmartStrand carpet in our house, I wouldn’t cringe every time he pours a glass of red.

But this has to be seen to be believed, so here’s the video I shot of the demo:

Want to experience Mohawk’s SmartStrand for yourself? Enter to win your own 6’x9′ SmartStrand Silk bound carpet rug.


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