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Air Travel is an Adventure. And Yesterday on American Airlines, It Was Torture.

I was one of the unfortunate souls who were supposed to fly yesterday on American Airlines, and I lived to tell you about it.

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Packing It In

I like to travel. That is, I like getting out of Los Angeles and visiting other places. The problem is the part about “getting out.” Road trips are fun, but it’s hard to find the time to drive longer distances...

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Taking a Los Angeles Food Tour: A World of Exotic Cuisines Right Here

As a native Angeleno, I have always been fascinated by our mythical, colorful, multi-ethnic city. And I jump at any excuse to go over the hill and experience it.

I am also something of a foodie. I love trying new dishes, whether in restaurants or cooking it myself. I am on a lot of travel site mailing lists, and I spend way too much time poring over the restaurant reviews in cities I know I will visit some day. This is why I love the idea of taking a food tour, where you learn about a city’s history from the primal perspective of how its residents EAT. Instead of traipsing through museums and climbing monuments, you stroll through farmers markets, snack on street fare and sample regional cooking in family-owned restaurants.

And the best thing is: You don’t have to be a tourist to enjoy a food tour. There are lots of great ones RIGHT HERE, which will allow you to learn something new about our great city — and eat well, too.

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And Yesterday, We All Took a Bath

This is one of a series of old blog posts I’m re-publishing in honor of my 9/10’s of a decade writing SoCal Mom. This was posted December 29, 2006 while on another Christmas visit to England and Wales.

I had a good laugh Christmas Eve, while watching the weather report on the BBC News channel.

“Today was cold and gray all over the country,” the weather reporter intoned. “Tomorrow we’ll have more of the same. Frankly, we don’t foresee anything different until later in the week, when we will see a drastic change…”

I held my breath, hoping for the announcement that we would finally have a sunny day.

“…when the gale winds return, bringing colder temperatures and rain.”

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Cardiff and London, 2003: Earliest Posts at SoCal Mom

Why am I posting old photos of Cardiff and London today?

Because today marks NINE years of writing SoCal Mom! The launch of this new site is one way I’m commemorating my “blogiversary,” especially as I speed to to the decade mark. (What do you get a blogger for her tenth blogiversary? You have a year to figure it out!)

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