I have been on a self-improvement kick for… well, my entire adult life. And since I hit middle age, that has meant focusing on weight control and eating a healthy diet.

Those two directives are not always the same thing. I lost 56 pounds a few years ago on an extremely restrictive diet that may actually have resulted in doing more damage to my metabolism than it was already suffering through menopause. This is hard to explain to friends who have never had to struggle with their weight, so I’ve stopped trying. I just go about my business and like any other junkie (and yes, I think my love of good food makes me an addict), I try to take it one day … one meal… and one snack at a time. That means lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, fewer starchy carbs and a lot more cooking from scratch.

But there are days when that isn’t possible. And that’s why I also keep a stash on hand of healthy convenience foods.

#ad Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt

#ad The Vanilla Bean was my favorite Healthy Choice Frozen Greek Yogurt flavor. But only because I couldn’t find any of the chocolate swirl!

During our recent heat wave, I discovered the new line of Greek Frozen Yogurt from Healthy Choice. Non-fat Greek yogurt has really taken off in the last few years, undoubtedly due to its protein content and thick, rich texture — which makes you think you’re eating something a lot more indulgent. It turns out that healthy frozen Greek yogurt desserts from Healthy Choice have the same affect. I discovered that any yen I might have for ice cream could be nipped in the bud with one of these babies.

And since I have a problem with portion control (especially if I’m eating something as luscious as a frozen dessert), I appreciated the fact that Healthy Choice’s Greek Frozen Yogurt comes in perfectly apportioned 100 calorie tubs, with 4g of protein in every serving. They look really small, but they pack a big punch — I found them really filling.

#ad Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt Flavors

#ad Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt Flavors

My favorite grocery store stocked four flavors and I tried all of them: Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry (all blended with real fruit) and my favorite – Vanilla Bean (with real flecks of vanilla bean that you can actually see). ┬áBut I have a feeling I would also like the Honey and Chocolate Swirl flavors, too (the latter was the winner of Shape magazine’s 2013 Snack Awards for “Best Night Bite,” as a healthy fix for a late night craving for chocolate).

My only complaint about Healthy Choice’s Greek Frozen Yogurt is that it is packaged with just three tubs in a box. Maybe they can come out with an assortment featuring two samples of each. I would definitely be up for that.

Healthy Choice wants you to try their new line of Greek Frozen Yogurt so badly that they’ve got an online offer for you on their website, which will get you $1.00 off on the flavor of your choice. Check it out.

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