CBS MOM #sponsoredCBS's new series, MomI have a MOM confession to make: I am a TV addict. OK, maybe that’s not much of a secret. It’s not even something I am all that ashamed of. I guess it’s not that much of a confession, is it?

Now that the Fall season is imminent, I will soon be lost to my family, as I immerse myself in all the networks’ new offerings. I have purchased a hard copy edition of TV Guide and am circling around the ones I hope will be my next go-to programs for laughs and entertainment.

One of the shows I have the highest hopes for is a little sitcom called MOM, produced by Chuck Lorre and starring Anna Faris and one of my favorite actors, Allison Janney, who play a mother and daughter (also a mom) who are both recovering alcoholics, which one might expect complicates their relationship a little. Actually, a lot.

Lorre, of course, is well known as the creator of The Big Bang Theory (which I love) and Two and a Half Men (which I don’t). But this new series sounds a little bit more like two shows Lorre produced during the 90s, Cybill and Grace Under Fire.

As a part of this campaign, I was asked to make a secret Mom confession, the more irreverent the better. Since my penchant for watching television doesn’t really count, I thought I’d try again here:


That’s as irreverent as I get. I know, if you are looking for outrageous, you’re probably not going to spend a lot of time watching ME. But THIS has potential to be really funny:

MOM premieres Monday, Sept. 23, 2013, on the CBS Television Network.


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