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Lean In, Chin Up and Tune Out

I’ve been thinking a lot about women and our place in society the last couple of weeks. This is appropriate, as it is Women’s History Month and was kicked off at PBS with “Makers,” a three-hour documentary on the “second-wave” women’s movement.I sat down to watch it last weekend and was enthralled. I am old enough to remember all the events portrayed in the film, but was too young at the time to grasp the significance of the earlier events. And while I happily recognize that we’ve “come a long way,” I am terribly sad and frustrated that we’re not even close to achieving true equality.

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Local Politics: The LA Mayor’s Race

We’re voting for LA Mayor on Tuesday – and four of the five front running candidates are Democrats. So when you’re facing a slate whose stated views are all pretty similar to your own — and without a lot of polarizing issues between them — how does one choose?

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