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Brighter offers Southern Californians a simple, free dental insurance alternative – giving you access to discount cleaning, whitening and even orthodontia. This is something you should care about, because you don’t want to turn out like me.

#Ad Brighter is a Free Alternative to Dental InsuranceIf you’ve read my blog for any bit of time (or just follow me on Twitter), you have probably seen me complain of being in “dental hell.” I’ve been cursed with soft enamel and a mouth that’s really good at creating mass quantities of tartar. I’ve been through so many torturous dental procedures that I’m pretty sure I could write a pretty convincing horror movie about it.

The sad thing is, much of my dental torment was self-inflicted: I once went three years without visiting the dentist. This had more to do with my fear of traffic near his downtown office than it did with his dental practice. But there was fear involved, too – a fear of starting over with some other dentist who did not know me or my history or who might inflict more pain on me than necessary.

Avoiding the dentist isn’t something anyone should do, because tooth decay isn’t something that just stops on its own. And scraping tartar off your own teeth isn’t advisable, either. Eventually, you WILL need to make the time for that dental visit and if you delay for too long, I guarantee that your experience will be WORSE. I should know: because by the time I accepted the fact that I simply needed to find a dental office close to my home, I needed a lot of new work done. A lot of expensive, somewhat painful, expensive work.

Did I mention that skipping your dental checkup can be expensive?

Here’s where Brighter comes in. Their network of certified dentists are making dental care affordable for everyone – even if you don’t currently carry dental insurance.

Their website touts low-priced check-up and cleaning services, fillings,  in-office teeth whitening … and even deals on some of those tortuous services I alluded to above: Periodontal deep cleaning, root canals and crowns at the same prices you would pay with dental insurance.

Of course, if you go in for your regular affordable checkups you probably won’t need any of the scary stuff (let me tell you: “deep cleaning” is a great idea for your bathroom. NOT something you want to have to do on your teeth.)

Brighter’s pre-screened, certified dentists are committed to helping patients understand what your treatment options are and spelling out exactly what your costs would be… ultimately helping you maintain better dental health (thus avoiding the dreaded deep cleaning).  And working with them is super-easy: just go to Brighter.com and enter your zip code. The website will give you a list of certified Brighter dentists in your area, along with their price for a check-up and cleaning. You can even schedule your appointment right there on the site.

What I really like about Brighter is how there are no premiums, co-pays, waiting periods, exclusions or plan maximums. Just pre-negotiated reduced rates that allow you to manage and save money on your own dental care.

If you live in Los Angeles and have been putting off a visit to the dentist, I hope you learn from MY mistakes. Make an appointment. NOW. And check out the low-cost rates at Brighter. Your mouth will thank you.