By this time next week, I’ll either be exulting — or depressed. Either way, the election will be over.

Every Wednesday, I get to talk politics with some of my favorite people, and we record the conversations for posterity. Today, we talked about Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy, FEMA, and Mitt Romney’s botched disaster relief rally yesterday.

We had 38 live listens — which is something of a record for us. Most people download the podcast, catch us on Stitcher or listen to an archived copy in the browser. We’re averaging a couple of thousand listens per week right now, which is no doubt due to the impending election. We also did a California only show about the ballot propositions, which you can catchhere.

We may do another special podcast before Election Day – or even a Google hangout (er, video!).

And of course, next Wednesday, we’ll be talking about the results.

And on Thursday? My MOMocrats colleague Cynematic and I are going to give ourselves a spa day — which I hope marks our re-entry back into the real world where I don’t feel I need to obsess over the news of the day.