I took the Obama-Biden magnet off my car on Wednesday morning. The election was over, I was happy, and there was no need to show my support via vehicle advertising any longer. Besides, there are a lot of Republicans in my neighborhood and I have no desire to rub their face in the election’s results. I know how I felt during the Bush Administration, whenever I saw a car plastered with Bush-Cheney stickers YEARS after they won their second term.

The campaign is over. Keeping that stuff around is like having Christmas lights on your house on Easter.

The morning after the election, the MOMocrats and I conducted our usual morning podcast, but without the usual preparation. It was more of a happy, relaxed, audio high-five with one another; a phone call with girlfriends who have spent the last year working in the trenches from across the country.

Then, I updated the Run, Mama Run interactive map I’d created last spring, illustrating over 100 pro-choice female candidates who were running for office up and down the ticket. I removed all the women who did not win their races and was surprised that I was still left with more than SIXTY new and re-elected Senators, House Representatives, state and local legislators and officials — and one Governor.

(And I was delighted to note that THREE of those women had been guests on our podcast! New California Assembly member-elect Sharon Quirk-Silva, Representative-elect Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii — and New Hampshire’s next Governor, Maggie Hassan.)

Yesterday, Cynematic and I rewarded ourselves for our hard work with a spa treatment, which we planned to do a couple of months ago when we were in the heat of the campaign. We had originally planned to spend half a day pampering ourselves, but decided to cut that short because just as the Presidential campaign was ending, Cyn landed us two NEW public interest campaigns for our little social media company: and we’ve got targets to meet on BOTH campaigns RIGHT NOW.

So right now: I’m feeling pretty good. And now — I have to get back to work.