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My Moment on the Million Second Quiz

My Moment on the Million Second Quiz

By on Sep 5, 2013 in Blather | 0 comments

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Fun things happened this week. A couple of days ago, a fan on the MOMocrats Facebook page sent us this screenshot, from the app associated with that Million Second Quiz game show that NBC is promoting:

NBC's Million Second Quiz


As someone who enjoys playing trivia games, this just tickles me to no end. I also play with this app because the questions are so easy I had no trouble qualifying to be a contestant on the show. But if I had gotten this one, I probably would have failed to answer in the allotted five seconds, because I would have been so flabbergasted by it. Frankly, I’m surprised the person who sent this to me had the time to take the screenshot!

I’m hoping it’s a good omen. A couple of weeks ago, I applied for a job that seemed absolutely perfect for me. Last night, I received word that I did not get the job. It truly was the nicest rejection letter I had ever received. It was a long shot and I knew it, but just finding that particular opening gave me hope that I can find something that is a good fit.

So I keep looking. And who knows? Maybe I’ll get selected for the show and my penchant for remembering useless facts will finally come in handy.


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