I celebrated another birthday on Monday. Well, “celebrate” may not be the right word, as it was the most “meh” kind of birthday ever: As I’m still trying to succeed at my latest attempt to diet, I nixed all of my family’s suggestions for taking me to dinner or any other activity where I might have to stray from my current nitrate-free, non-soy, non-dairy regimen.

You know this is serious. I haven’t had a cup of coffee since my bout in the hospital last month. For the most part, this hasn’t affected my ability to get up every school day morning at 5:30 AM… but after 40 years of caffeinated living, my brain feels fuzzy. And as much as I miss writing, I have not been able to muster enough focus to finish anything.

iPhone 5

At last, I join the 21st Century.

Maybe it’s the caffeine. Or maybe it’s the fact that I got a new toy over the weekend…………..

I used to be something of an early adopter. In fact, one of the reasons I signed up with T-mobile over 10 years ago was because I fell in love with the idea of owning a cameraphone, and they offered one that didn’t cost a small fortune. This device featured a small camera that attached to the bottom of the handset (the camera part was not yet integrated). It did not take wonderful pictures, but I loved it anyway.

My husband and I considered switching when the first iPhone debuted exclusive to AT&T… but our entire family (including my sister’s brood and my parents) are on T-mobile and leaving would mean losing free calls to one another. So I waited. T-mobile uses the same GSM system as AT&T, so I figured that when their exclusive deal with Apple expired, we would be next.

Obviously, that was a bad call. I watched as iPhone was rolled out to Verizon and Sprint and even pay-as-you-go Virgin Mobile, while I tracked every rumor of a deal between T-mobile and Apple. At one point last year, it looked like AT&T would buy T-mobile and I would have access to iPhone by merger. But that one fell through and so I continued to make do with a sputtering Blackberry that was now crashing on me several times a day. Even my husband was tired of my decrepit old cell phone: His Chrismukah gift to me was a new one, my choice.

I came close to choosing a Samsung Galaxy. But then I tried to place a call with my husband’s Android and I realized I didn’t have the energy to learn another new operating system. I decided to wait.

My iPhone 5 arrived last Friday and I love it. I’ve been busy setting it up and figuring out how to integrate it with my other electronics. And I am finally able to use apps and social networks that were either not available to me or were just clunky to use with my iPad.

Like PTCH: the video-editing social network I wrote about last week. I have been aiming for creating a new PTCH a day, but it’s been more like one every two or three days. Here’s one I made yesterday for my blog:

So that’s what I’ve been up to this week.

As for the holiday weekend: While I do not want to lose sight of the fact that Memorial Day is a somber event honoring those who died for our country, I am looking forward to three days where my husband and daughter can both relax a little. Not to mention the new episodes of Arrested Development debuting on Netflix on Monday.

I may even decide to watch them on my phone.



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