You know how yesterday, I confessed that I spent the entire holiday weekend playing instead of working?

Yeah, well that has certainly caught up with me.

Last week, I was once again a guest of CBS Television’s daytime show, The Talk, where I had the opportunity to meet and lunch with that day’s guests: Jeff Foxworthy and Marcella Vallodolid of the network’s new reality show, The American Baking Competition, which premieres tonight.

I have tons and tons of video to edit. Have I even started?

No. And that’s a shame, because Foxworthy and Vallodolid are as charming as you would expect from their TV appearances – but also refreshingly down to earth and real. What you see is really what you get here, and I really want to share some of our conversation with you.

But that will have to wait until I get to editing the video. And I’m at a breakfast meeting, so won’t be able to start until this afternoon.

This wouldn’t be so bad, except that the program debuts tonight, and it really sounds like one worth watching. True, the only reality shows I enjoy are the ones that involve cooking, so I was predisposed to Iike this one. And it’s based on a successful British show (and you know how much I love my Brit TV), so it’s a no-brainer for me.

So all I can do right now is ask you to watch this spot for my video. And take a peek at the show tonight on CBS tonight at 8 pm. I know I will be.

This post was NOT sponsored by anyone. I just enjoyed my meeting with the stars and want to write about the show.

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