No matter how short a trip, things can change rapidly while you’re away. Remember my Wordless Wednesday post from last week? While I was gone, THIS happened:


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When I schedule travel, I need to learn to tack on a few extra days to cushion the transition from home and back.

The day before my trip was a flurry of preparation. And yesterday would likely have been unproductive even if I hadn’t been so tired out from my late arrival. The fact that I was missing my possessions did not help matters.

Yesterday was a waste. I used up most of my Skype allowance trying to locate my lost suitcase and phone. And then I ran out of steam. At noon, I took a nap and didn’t wake up until my kid got home from school.

I received word last night that my suitcase had been located and was finally at LAX. The delivery service asked if it could be delivered without my signature, and as I did not want to be tied to the house while waiting for it, I said OK.

I woke up this morning to find it sitting on my doorstep. An email reported that it had been delivered a little past midnight. I slept right through it.

 There’s good news on the phone front, too:  The van driver found it and I will be able to pick it up at Super Shuttle’s offices today.  Better news: the driver works out of the Burbank Airport office, so I won’t have to make the trip back to LAX.
So I am almost whole again.

Today is the day I’ll try to catch up on work. I took pages and pages of notes at the conference. I need to figure out how to turn them into a coherent account of what I learned.


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