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This is one of a series of old blog posts I’m re-publishing in honor of my 9/10’s of a decade writing SoCal Mom. ┬áThis was first published in December 2005.

Each December, our PTA holds its last meeting of the year in conjunction with a holiday dinner. Sometimes it’s held at a member’s home – but last night, it was a no-host affair at the Northridge Olive Garden.

I imagine that the restaurant employee who booked our reservation for an elementary school PTA, pictured a nice, sedate gathering of teachers and mothers enjoying a nice holiday meal together.

That picture would be wrong. At least this year.

Let’s just say that a couple of the moms had about five too many cocktails.

By the time we started the “white elephant” gift exchange, these women were standing on the chairs, hooting and hollering as if they were at a strip joint instead of a PTA meeting. In fact, one of them invited Ricky, our cute young waiter to take them to The Candy Cat.

“I’m game,” he said. “I’ve never been to a place like that.”

I doubt if he got to do it last night. Shortly after that, the management of the Olive Garden threatened to kick us out — they were getting too many complaints about the noise — from the patrons in the bar. One of the moms wound up sick in the bathroom. And while the rest of us were trying to figure out who was going to drive these ladies home, another one sobered up enough to call their husbands to get them.

It’s the most fun I’ve ever had at a PTA gathering.

DISCLOSURE: I have no business association with The Olive Garden or its parent company and received no compensation for mentioning them in this post.

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