My Nest May be Empty, But My Kid Still Calls Me Mom

About SoCal Mom

I started this website in 2003, as an easy way to keep my family and friends updated on a family vacation to Britain (where my husband grew up) and Paris (a place I had never been — and long to visit again). I just wanted a place to express my own, first-person thoughts… and post photos, as well.

Advertising and Review Policy

If you’re pitching me on a sponsored post or advertising, email me and we can talk. I also do product reviews for items I may actually want to use. Otherwise, please move along.

About Donna

Donna Schwartz Mills, a Los Angeles native, has been online in some capacity for 30 years, having gotten into her first chat room trouble in 1981. She has worked in radio (as writer of the nationally syndicated program, The Weekly Top 30, and producer of The Weekly Music Magazine) and television (notably as a production assistant at The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson).

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