Author: Donna Schwartz Mills

Easy Organic Eating with SPUD

Over the last year, I’ve looked on with envy as friends have posted photos of gorgeous organic fruits and vegetables delivered right to their door. Envy, because most home delivery services I was familiar with did not venture into the northernmost reach of the San Fernando Valley (where I reside). And because I was convinced that such a service would not work for my family’s unpredictable meal schedule. And because I was convinced that such a service would be too expensive.

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A Night in Old Hollywood with Cirque du Soleil

Last night, I got to cross another item off my bucket list: I finally caught my first live performance of Cirque du Soleil.

I’m kind of ashamed it has taken me this long: Cirque has been performing on and off in Los Angeles since 1984, when it made its US debut at that year’s LA Arts Festival. I was busy. And broke. And that has been my excuse for the last three decades.

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In an Epidemic, It’s Not Too Late to Get a Flu Shot

It’s official: the CDC has declared an epidemic in the 2013 flu season. 7.3% of all deaths last week were attributed to pneumonia as a result of flu. And as alinsertways, Americans are advised that the best defense against the virus is to get a flu shot. Flu vaccines no longer require a special trip to the doctor: here in Southern California, they’ve been advertised widely at all the major drug store chains; even the pharmacy inside our local Ralph’s, so getting one is super-convenient.

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Old Friends

This is one of a series of old blog posts I’m re-publishing in honor of my 9/10’s of a decade writing SoCal Mom. This is from February 2005.

Last night, we dined with a couple I had not seen for over five years, formerly close friends who had been there for me through good times and bad. When Gareth and I were married, they not only flew up to Sacramento to attend the wedding, but hosted my bridal shower as well.

I’d been anticipating this reunion since we set it up several weeks ago, as I’ve sorely missed them. But as the day arrived, I felt apprehensive. Why had we drifted so far apart? And what if we no longer had anything in common? Would this be a futile attempt to recapture a friendship that should be left in the past?

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Huell Howser: A SoCal Inspiration

My husband was such a fan of Huell Howser that he called me from work yesterday when he heard the news.

We both enjoyed watching the venerable human interest reporter with the seemingly endless curiosity about our local treasures.

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