It has been a long time since I participated in one of the November writing challenges like NaNoWriMo and NoBloPoMo.

The one time I attempted the novel writing challenge, the resulting manuscript was such a pile of dreck that continuing on to another draft seemed absolutely pointless.

And I think it is silly to join the daily blog posting activity because posting daily should always be my blogging goal. The fact that month after month I fail at it only makes me less determined to join in the fun.

But now that 20-30 of my weekly hours are being spent in the service of a paying client, finding time for my personal blog is proving to be more difficult than ever. So last week, I found myself once again toying with the idea of signing up for NaBloPoMo, if only to force myself to find a sliver of time.

And then it was November 5. So that train has passed.

My last full post was written while waiting for a doctor’s appointment. I suppose it should come as no surprise that this one is also coming to you from a waiting room. It seems that is the only place right now where I am able to empty my mind of work-related tasks, enabling me to focus long enough to write.

In other words, I am bored. And desperate enough to blog from my iPhone.

My last post referred to my fear of the other show dropping in the form of some kind of medical disaster. The fact that my doctor has ordered additional tests means that I am still watching for that shoe to maybe drop… But for right now, all is well.

But I did have a bit of a thud last week, when my car underwent some unscheduled and expensive repairs… Followed by a plumbing event that cost me about a week’s pay.

Thank goodness I am being paid now, right? And no wonder I am so silent here.

Here’s hoping I find the time to write again soon… In the comfort and accessibility of my home office.

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