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Cautiously Optimistic

Cautiously Optimistic

By on Nov 18, 2013 in Blather | 2 comments

I finally had that appointment with my doctor last week. And the news was good: That thing on my ovary appears to be just another fibroid. We will continue to monitor it, but for now, no surgery or other treatment is required. Can I hear a “whew?” Thankfully, I did not spend a great deal of time worrying about it. I have had too much to do cleaning up...

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A Tale of Two Facebook Accounts

By on Nov 8, 2013 in Blather | 3 comments

One of the tasks I’m doing for my new business client is managing their social media. This is a piece of cake, since I’ve been active on Facebook, Twitter, et al for years — especially for the MOMocrats. And there’s my dilemma. Partisan politics has no place when conducting business. And while I have a right to express my political views (and...

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NoBloPo Huh?

By on Nov 4, 2013 in Blather | 0 comments

It has been a long time since I participated in one of the November writing challenges like NaNoWriMo and NoBloPoMo. The one time I attempted the novel writing challenge, the resulting manuscript was such a pile of dreck that continuing on to another draft seemed absolutely pointless. And I think it is silly to join the daily blog posting activity because posting...

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