… I wish I’d had the foresight to take a photo.

But I did not notice how pretty the weather was until late afternoon, when I was loaded down with reading material I had picked up at the Lifesavers Conference.

Disclosure: I am attending the conference devoted to improving highway safety as a guest of Toyota, which is picking up my expenses. They will not be compensating me in any other way. I will be reporting what I have learned over at AskPatty.com.

The automaker is treating its blogger guests like VIPs. We are staying at the Brown Palace Hotel, which has been the nicest place in town since it first opened in 1892.

It is a lovely historic hotel, and my room is large and comfortable. But I did not sleep well on Saturday night, and the result was that by the first afternoon session (on the future of graduated drivers licenses), I was nodding off. So at the break, I left the convention center in search of a Starbucks. The nearest one was closed. The air was cold and bracing, and it felt better to be out, so I kept on walking until I made it back to the Brown Palace, where I took a nap.

I had a better sleep last night and hope to make it through the entire second day of sessions. Besides, the weather outside looks kind of nasty (blustery winds and lots of snow, but not cold enough for it to stick, so it’s just icy and wet). So I think I will make it.

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