Orange juice 2

Orange juice 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…is like a day without sunshine.

Remember that old advertising slogan? Well, substitute “email” for “orange juice” and you know how my weekend was: there was an issue with the mail server associated with the domain and I did not receive any work related email for about 48 hours.

And that changed the second half of the slogan, because without the usual continuing barrage of pitches, petitions and plain old spam — I had a rather nice weekend.

It’s true I missed some email I actually wanted and I am sorry about that. A few people let me know via other accounts that their messages to me were bouncing, and that’s when I realized that my main email account was down. If you were trying to reach me to let me know that you’ve got a high-paying job waiting for me, DO try sending the message again. I promise to respond promptly.

In the meantime, I think from now on, I’ll disable my work email from my iPad on weekends. That is, if I can avoid the urge to check for that message with the high-paying job.

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