Month: April 2013

Taking a Los Angeles Food Tour: A World of Exotic Cuisines Right Here

As a native Angeleno, I have always been fascinated by our mythical, colorful, multi-ethnic city. And I jump at any excuse to go over the hill and experience it.

I am also something of a foodie. I love trying new dishes, whether in restaurants or cooking it myself. I am on a lot of travel site mailing lists, and I spend way too much time poring over the restaurant reviews in cities I know I will visit some day. This is why I love the idea of taking a food tour, where you learn about a city’s history from the primal perspective of how its residents EAT. Instead of traipsing through museums and climbing monuments, you stroll through farmers markets, snack on street fare and sample regional cooking in family-owned restaurants.

And the best thing is: You don’t have to be a tourist to enjoy a food tour. There are lots of great ones RIGHT HERE, which will allow you to learn something new about our great city — and eat well, too.

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My daughter won’t be TOO disappointed we did not buy her a car for her 17th birthday today. But she may not recover from the shock of receiving a mushy card.

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